After the recent changes to our server configuration we had a number of customers that experienced problems with older scripts that needed magic_quotes to be turned on.

You can turn magic_quotes on for your local site by creating a php.ini file for your site and safe it in the root folder.
Add magic_quotes_gpc = on to the file and safe it.

The php.ini file is a powerful tool to change the php configuration for your site.

To assist you in customising your local php.ini we have developed and in-house application called "EZConfig".
It is available in your CPanel and you can found it under the "software section".

When enabling it and saving your changes it will create a php.ini file in the root of your website.
If you made a mistake and can't figure out what is wrong, simply delete the file and start over.

For more information on the php.ini file and how to manually tweak it to your specific needs you can read this chapter in the php manual..

Monday, February 2, 2009

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