How to choose your Domain Name

Choosing your domain name is as important as choosing your partner.  You are going to be stuck with it for the duration of it's life.
You can not correct spelling mistakes or change it.

Things to considder.

  • Are you going to sell locally or internationally.  That will determain the domain extension that you are going to use.
    There are no reason why you can't register the same domain using different extensions.
  • Make sure your domain name is relevant to your product.  No  point in selling  cars and your domain name is
  • Try to have your domain made up from important keywords.  exelwebs are made up from exel and webs
    It helps with search engine optimisation
  • Domains are registered in a first come first service basis.
    When using our domain checker and it shows available will not necrssarely mean it is available.  Someone else might already have purchased and paid for it.
  • Domains will only be registered by exelwebs when we have cleared your payment.  Don't even ask for registration before that.
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