Can I have more than 1 authorised person manage my accounts?

You can easily create additional contacts and sub-account holders to take responcibility for different things on your exelwebs account.

After loggin in to the account the main account holder can add additional people to the account by clicking the '+New Contact...' button on the left side panel on the homepage of the client area.

Usually you would could have two "types" of account holders.
  1. The person managing the hosting and associated email accounts (Main Account holder or Sub-Account holder)
  2. The person responcible for the billing (Additional contact person)
By default the "Main Account" holder have access to both these functions and they can not be disabled.

  • Adding an additional "Contact" you can specify what emails they should be able to receive. They will not be able to access any aspect of the hosting account, any of the domain setting or order and cancel any accounts.
    Setting up an additional contact make sure to NOT Tick the 'Activate Sub-Account' tick box.
  • Adding a Sub-Account holder or clicking theĀ 'Activate Sub-Account' box will allow you to define what part of the hosting account they can access.
    Be carefull when making the choices and be sure to test the account afterwards to ensure only the relevant access is given.
    Exelwebs employ the new "Single Sign On" functionality that give you access to your cpanel via the client portal once logged in so a wrong tick can open up the hosting account accidently.
    Our suggestion is to rather limit the access to support tickets only thereby making sure that only one person is responsible for managing the hosting and associated email accounts.
    By giving access to "Support Tickets" the sub account holder can access the all important "Ip Unblock" feature as well.
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