How do I cancel my Service, Hosting, Website or Domain?

Cancellation of Service

If you need to cancel any of your services, excluding your domains, follow the following procedure.

  1. Log into our "Client Portal
  2. Click "Services" on the main page
  3. Click the green "Active" button to the right of the service you want to cancel
  4. Click "Request Cancellation" on the left.
  5. Complete the form with the relevant detail and click "Request Cancellation"

Cancellation of Domain

Domain names can only be cancelled within the grace period given by the relevant registration organisation issuing your domain.
If you feel your cancellation request requires special attention, you are welcome the relevant Domain Name Regisrtar (e.g. ICANN, DENIC, Nominet UK, ZA Central Registry)

To cancel your domain, make sure "Auto Renewal" is disabled for your domain and simply ignore the renewal reminders.

  1. Any outstanding invoices will still be payable.
  2. Make sure to cancel any active "PayPal" or "Debit Order" instruction relevant to the cancelled service.
  3. Cancellation Requests will only be honoured when it is submitted using the form in the ExelWebs Client Portal. No Exceptions.
  4. Make sure you have a valid backup of all your information before submitting your cancellation request as all data will imediately be deleted from our servers and not be recoverable afterwards.
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